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I look forward to working with you on your solo ad purchase! Please let me know at any time if you need anything! - Andrea Fulton

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Hi! I'm Andrea Fulton. Welcome to my solo page.

First I would like to tell you about myself! I have been working online for 7 years. I have my lists built to over 400k in active subscribers and I bring in over 3k a day in new subscribers. I have built my lists using adswaps, solos, and organic traffic. My lists are built on both single and double optin. I also cover a variety of IM niches including, Facebook, WordPress, Biz opp, MLM, Make Money Online, Work From Home, and General IM. Please feel free to contact me with any questions that you may have!


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Dr. Ben Adkins

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Check out what you WILL get from my solos!

  • You will be provided quality traffic from my list.
  • You will receive your traffic in a timely manner.
  • If you need ad copy I will write one for you! NO EXTRA CHARGE!
  • 100% Top tier clicks upon request.

Check Out What You WILL NOT Get From My Solos!

  • You will NOT get traffic from anywhere but my lists.
  • No traffic exchanges, safelists, or bot traffic of any kind!
  • You will not be treated unfair or poorly. I am always around to help!

Special Instructions!

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    Purchase the package that works for you.

    Select your package from the options below. If you are looking for a package that is not on my page please contact me at smokinhotsolos@gmail.com.

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    Email me after your purchase.

    Once you make your purchase you will be taken to a page with instructions to contact me. If you do not get to this page please email me at smokinhotsolos@gmail.com

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    I will respond within 12 hours.

    I will respond to your email as soon as possible. I am on the EST time zone. Normally no longer than an hour.

  • 4

    Once your solo is complete I will send you stats.

    Once we have gotten all the details worked out I will mail your solo and when it is complete I will send over tracking stats.


Let's Talk Traffic!


NEW Pricing Structure! Please Look Over All Packages And Prices Before Ordering!

If you are unsure about which package would be best for you, contact me smokinhotsolos@gmail.com


80% Top Tier Traffic US, UK, AU, CA, NZ

250 80% Top Tier Unique Clicks
250 Clicks$.60 per click
    500 80% Top Tier Unique Clicks
    500 Clicks$.60 per click
      1000 80% Top Tier Unique Clicks
      1000 Clicks$..60 per click
        2000 80% Top Tier Unique Clicks
        2000 Clicks$.60 per click

          90% Top Tier Traffic US, UK, AU, CA, NZ

          250 90% Top Tier Unique Clicks
          250 Clicks$.70 per click
            500 90% Top Tier Unique Clicks
            500 Clicks$.70 per click
              1000 90% Top Tier Unique Clicks
              1000 Clicks$.70 per click
                2000 90% Top Tier Unique Clicks
                2000 Clicks$.70 per click

                  100% Top Tier Traffic US, UK, AU, CA, NZ

                  250 100% Top Tier Unique Clicks
                  250 Clicks$.80 per click
                    500 100% Top Tier Unique Clicks
                    500 Clicks$.80 per click
                      1000 100% Top Tier Unique Clicks
                      1000 Clicks$.80 per click
                        2000 100% Top Tier Unique Clicks
                        2000 Clicks$.80 per click

                          100% US Only Traffic

                          250 US Only Unique Clicks
                          250 Clicks$.90 per click
                            500 US Only Unique Clicks
                            500 Clicks$.90 per click
                              1000 US Only Unique Clicks
                              1000 Clicks$.90 per click
                                2000 US Only Unique Clicks
                                2000 Clicks$.90 per click

                                  I also have custom, monthly and bulk packages available! Just send me a message!


                                  Get Proper Tracking For Your Solo Ads!

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                                  There are no refunds once your traffic is started. All traffic is delivered in a timely fashion. Of you are having problem with your pages or need to stop the traffic please let me know and I can stop the traffic as not to waste any clicks. We do not guarantee sales I have no idea how your page normally converts and can not promise that a sale will happen. You will receive all the clicks that you ordered. If you have any questions Please make sure to contact me at smokinhotsolos@gmail.com. Thank you!